Backend Engineer (REMOTE)

Job Overview & Responsibility

We are looking for a backend engineer with experience in DevOps. Responsibilities include implementing microservices, managing cloud infrastructure, databases and APIs. The engineer will contribute thoroughly tested production ready code, and manage compute resources to meet user demand.

– Implement backend microservices to support multi-user collaboration and editing 3D animations on the browser
– Contribute to cloud architecture discussions and implementation
– Design, implement and maintain existing data models and database migrations
– Write robust tests for CICD, development and production releases
– Implement monitoring and alerting for errors, compute utilisation and system performance.
– Integration with third party APIs e.g. Stripe

Job Requirement

– Minimum 3 years of experience with same position
– Strong experience with NodeJs to develop microservices in production
– Strong experience implementing SQL/NoSQL data models and best practices for database migrations
– Experience deploying cloud resources with infrastructure as code, e.g. Cloudformation, Terraform, etc
– Experience using Docker ecosystem to orchestrate autoscaling and rollout of updates, e.g. Kubernetes
– Experience with monitoring and observability, e.g. Prometheus, Grafana
– Experience with developing fault tolerant and latency tolerant distributed systems
– Proficiency in spoken and written English

Priority for candidates

– AWS associate or professional certification
– Worked in fast-growing tech companies
– Github repositories, with more than 100 stars
– Contributed to open-source projects
– 3+ years work experience in back-end or full-stack engineering of web applications
– General knowledge of 3D animation or experience using 3D animation tools (e.g. Maya, Blender,
Unity, etc)

Why Candidate should apply for this position

– Competitive salary
– Yearly bonuses and sign on bonus
– Equity options package

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Interviewing Process

Typically 2-3 rounds. Length per round is around 1-2 hours. Test may be done in the interview, and would depend on how good the candidate is.

About company

3D animation remains beyond the scope of most internet users today. Existing software takes months to learn, offers little to no collaboration, and priced at $1500+ a year. Open source alternatives like Blender have not fared better beyond price.

A great analogy is Canva and Graphic Design. 7-8 years ago (before Canva was introduced), Graphic Design was limited to professionals who knew Photoshop. Canva now has close to 20 million monthly active users, all by making things simple for users to create designs. We see a lot of parallels with the state of 3D animation today.

Our ultimate goal is to make 3D animation much simpler and accessible than its current state. To date, we have built the first 3D animation software on the web browser with animation curves, inverse kinematics and 3D human pose estimation (“AI Motion Capture”). Our goal is to leverage the cloud to allow users to work collaboratively on 3D animation for the first time possible. Our premise is similar to Figma’s – the web browser will eventually be the default platform for collaborative media and editing (just like Google Docs).

Current Team
CJ Looi – Co-founder, Previously Head of Deep Learning and Computer Vision at Dorabot
Cyril Nie – Co-founder, CS @ UCL
Zoe – Frontend Engineer
Andrew Butt – Senior Engineer, Core contributor of Babylon.js

Michael Gryseels – Strategic Advisor, President of True Digital Group and the former managing director of McKinsey Singapore
Shaun Johnston – Animation Advisor, founder of TheCGBros, 3.2+ million subscribers on Youtube

Funded by
Cocoon Capital – Seed Investor, most companies in their Portfolio reach Series A and beyond Entrepreneur First – Pre-seed Investor, backed by Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman and Greylock

Ngành nghề: IT
Loại hình công việc: Full Time
Địa điểm làm việc: Remote
Ngôn ngữ: English
Mức lương: 4000 - 8000 USD
Giới tính: Không yêu cầu
Kinh nghiệm: Trên 3 năm

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