1. Participate in the design, development and implementation of the company’s front-end framework
2. Responsible for debugging, solving various compatibility problems, and satisfying a good user experience
3. Assist the product to improve the requirements, put forward the implementation plan, optimize the code, improve the page performance
4. Participate in the engineering, process, performance optimization of the company’s front-end business and continuously promote
5. Be able to conduct research on the cutting-edge technology of the industry, continuously optimize the quality, performance, user experience


1. More than 1.3 years of front-end development work experience, computer software related majors, complete front-end development project experience
2.Proficient in JavaScript/CSS/HTML, proficient in HTML5/CSS3/ES6/WEBSOCKET, Vue development experience is essential, React Native, Angular familiar with better
3. Have an understanding of front-end modularization and componentization, proficient in using various debugging tools, can independently analyze, solve and summarize problems, proficient in website performance optimization, understand the working principle of the browser, and have an understanding of server-side related knowledge
4. Have a strong interest in front-end new technologies, and have a certain degree of understanding of interactive experience, usability, and user experience
5. Have good working habits, a sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, and a strong self-learning ability
6. With ECHARTS/D3.JS/HIGHCHARTS, NODEJS development experience is better (optional)


9G Game is a company that provides BPO form with innovative platform for players to enjoy their pleasures.
【Working hours】: 9 hours; Monday to Friday (or off 8days per month)
【Housing allowance】: Probation period: PHP 10,000, Regularization PHP 20,000
【Air ticket allowance】 After half a year of employment and regularization: 350USD/half year
【Food】Provide 3 meals a day
【Accommodation】Staff dormitory only provide maximum 3 months, Modern apartment- 1BR, ensure a good
environment in Makati, after 3 months must to stay out.
【Transfer】Provide staff shuttle
【Medical】Medical card, assist in the registration of vaccination during the epidemic, fixed weekly COVID
testing, provide drugs for diagnosis, and assist in medical treatment
【Annual leave】15 working days
【Paid Sick Leave】2 days of paid sick leave after one year
【Christmas】【Spring Festival】Fixed 1 day off
【Sick Leave】【Marriage Leave】【Maternity Leave】【Paternity Leave】
【Bereavement Leave】
【Holiday Gifts】PHP 3000-PHP 6000
【Association】Badminton, billiards, basketball, calligraphy, e-sports, etc.
【Annual Party】Five-star hotel, gifts/bonus
【Compensation System】- No salary deposit
 Resignation during probationary period:
Payment amount = visa fee + meal fee PHP 300* 3/day + room supplement PHP 10,000/month
(Tourist visa + PWP/9G if there is – the company will start to process 9G according to the process to apply
for PWP and renew the tourist visa, so it is possible that the trial period has incurred 9G fees)
 Resignation after regularization
Amount to be paid = visa fee
– The actual visa fee will be paid for less than 6 months of employment
– For more than 6 months to within 1 year of employment: The compensation amount is about PHP
– Over 1 year of employment: PHP 25,000 ~40,000PHP
– After 2 years of employment: 9G is deductible, and if there is any travel visa renewal fe

Ngành nghề: IT
Loại hình công việc: Full Time
Địa điểm làm việc: Philippines
Ngôn ngữ: Mandarin
Mức lương: 5500 USD
Giới tính: Không yêu cầu

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