Marketing Project Leader

Tên công ty: M6 - 雨燕
Ngành nghề: Digital Marketing
Loại hình công việc: Full Time
Địa điểm làm việc: Enterprise - Makati Philippines
Ngôn ngữ: English Indonesian
Mức lương: From 2500 USD - 4000 USD
Giới tính: Any
Kinh nghiệm: 1 - 3 years
Working time: 10 off 4
Level: Leader

Indonesian project leader salary: 15,000-18,000 (negotiable (upto 25.000 RMB), determined based on ability)
Subsidies for traveling back and forth between the Philippines and Indonesia: room subsidy 13,000p and meal subsidy 12,000p

Job description

•Project management: Responsible for formulating and executing TikTok self-media project plans and strategies in Indonesia.
•Content Curation: Ensure the development of compelling and engaging content to attract Indonesian users.
•Team management: Manage the self-media team in Indonesia, including content creators, editors, etc.
•Cross-department coordination: Work closely with marketing, operations, data analysis and other departments to ensure the smooth execution of projects and the achievement of final goals.
•User interaction: Actively interact with Indonesian users, understand their needs and feedback, and continuously improve and optimize content.

Job Requirements

•Language ability: Fluent in Indonesian, good communication skills in English and Chinese.
•Project management experience: Demonstrated project management experience and ability to effectively plan, execute and monitor projects.
•Social media experience: Applicants with in-depth understanding of the TikTok platform and experience working in the social media field will be preferred.
•Team leadership skills: Have good team management and leadership skills and be able to motivate team members and promote project success.
•Innovative thinking: Have innovative awareness and creativity, and be able to continuously come up with new content strategies and ideas.
•Communication skills: Excellent communication and coordination skills, able to communicate and work effectively with people from different backgrounds and departments.
•Responsible for maintaining the company’s compliance with the standardization of national business rules and regulations, including business license and tax renewal (annual and monthly reports submitted to the local tax center)
•Ensure that there are enough employees in each department and recruit them in time if there are any shortages •Responsible for the company’s financial status •Responsible for coordinating matters related to the company’s operations among shareholders

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